It could be you’re divorced, separated, or you’ve lost a loved one, but whatever your age and circumstances, is here to help.

Moving Forward…

The ‘alone in’ sites are available to not only predominantly English speaking countries, but to the main ex-pat retirement hotspots in Europe as well.

It could be you’re looking for new friends, or you might just be looking for practical advice on living alone in the country where you live, but whatever it is, we aim to not only put like-minded people in touch when the sites are launched, but publish regular articles giving helpful ideas to inspire you.


About Us

By Alexis Leech, author of ‘Let’s talk Dirty!’
When I bought several .com domain names starting with the words ‘alonein,’ I had a vision of setting up sites all over the world for people who found themselves alone in later life. Widowed at the age of 55, I knew exactly what was needed, what I didn’t realise was how difficult it would be to set up. There are several reasons you might find yourself alone, bereavement and divorce being only two. You may have moved away from your home town, or your family may have moved elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, being alone shouldn’t mean that you’re lonely, but how do you meet new friends when you fancy some company? If you’re looking for romance, there are thousands of dating sites available, but the over sixties, who now represent a huge percentage of our population, aren’t necessarily looking for a new mate, only some new pals. Until a few years ago, older people were not necessarily internet savvy, but nowadays, they’re likely to be on line as much as anyone else, so the opportunity to meet people is greater than ever.

It’s been an interesting journey since I found myself alone for the first time in my life. Six months after I was widowed, I joined a predominantly American site where widows and widowers could communicate and share experiences whilst going through the grieving process. Sadly, six months after I did, it was turned into a dating site, so I was back to square one. That was when I realised an alternative was required. Easier said than done! If I had the resources the sites would have been up and running a long time ago. At last, with the help of my son, I have published the first basic site in the UK. Hopefully, this will be enough to inspire a large internet company to get involved and refine the sites and make them user friendly for the over fifties to make friends and communicate with each other around the world. Fingers crossed!


There are ten ‘Alone in’ sites being launched in 2018

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